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Dr. Mustafa El-Rouby Lawyers Office. Consultants

Since 1996

About us

We are a law firm that has been established since 1996. The office works in an institutional manner and in a collective spirit to provide legal support, legal advice and various legal services, and to support economists in all branches of law under the leadership of Dr. Mustafa Al-Rouby and a team of lawyers and legal advisors with a high degree of professionalism and experience. All the team members working side by side in all law fields, and the office provides innovative legal solutions and legal advice directed towards achieving the best results. We are always committed to observing the highest quality standards in legal work. The office enjoys a good reputation in the legal field and our sources are modern legislation and judicial principles. We have the ability to meet the needs of our clients.


Our vision

Investing our scientific and professional energy to be at the forefront among the legal and arbitration institutions in Egypt and the Middle East, with our work team that includes a group of senior lawyers and legal advisors in all major legal services entrusted to them for all multinational companies, interests and public institutions inside Egypt and the Middle East to achieve the desired results for our clients.
And the desired achievements and dealing with getting the client out of difficult situations and our strong confidence and belief in the work that is assigned to us is the best way to accomplish all the tasks that are assigned to us, considering our clients are our true partners in success from which we derive our professional strength and more success and expanding our client base day after day is the results of effort and energies expended Foresight and constant pursuit of satisfactory results for all customers




International and local commercial arbitration disputes

تأسيس الشركات.webp

Establishing and structuring companies of all kinds

مجلس الدولة.webp

Administrative issues and the State Council

الاستشارات القانونية.webp

Legal and economic advice

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Dealing with clearing and registration office


Petroleum sector


Cases and disputes management


Foreigners marriage and disputes


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Why us?

Experience and professionalism

Our priority is to provide a highly accurate service, so we put in your hands many years of experience in order to satisfy the customer and provide him with an atmosphere and a working relationship that makes the customer feel comfortable when discussing and studying legal issues and finding compatible solutions with them to achieve the desired trust and satisfactory results.

Trust and honesty

We commit ourselves to the highest requirements of professional responsibility through the application of the information preservation policy. Here we listen to our customers with attention to the smallest details through modern means of communication and communication that are within our confidentiality procedures to gain their trust.

Commitment and responsibility

We are keen to provide all legal services and the best advice, and therefore we are constantly working to ensure that our services meet your expectations, and the success of any legal problem requires the integration of the most important elements such as competence and long experience, and this is what our institutions are committed to.

A team of specialized competencies

We were keen to employ a professional staff with practical experience in the field of law and legal advice, striving to win the trust of clients by making the best and timely decisions in the interest of our clients, protecting their businesses, securing their positions, and confirming their legal positions.

The Foundation's fields of work and services cover a wide range of fields and specializations. The Foundation provides innovative solutions and consultations directed to individuals and companies at all stages, starting from the requirements of intellectual property rights management systems, ensures cooperation between the departments of the office to become a center qualified to meet the needs of customers.

Mr. Mohammed Al-Haidar

Saudi journalist

Honestly and from the experience of the best law firm in Egypt that deals professionally with all cases.





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