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Establishing companies

We provide all legal services to new and existing companies by acting as an agent for the company. Our office provides everything related to company formation services to help foreigners and other commercial entities to establish their presence legally.


Our experience

Our specialized experience and extensive knowledge qualifies us to perform procedures for establishing companies quickly and efficiently. We can register companies of all kinds, whether they are financial companies, companies of persons, or one-person companies, as well as registering foreign companies in Egypt. Companies can be established in one of several ways, according to the type of company chosen by the founders, and the type of The legal responsibility of its owners and the tax treatment. The following are the most common options for companies and their distinctive features.


Individual companies

In Egyptian law there are three forms for the Individual companies: the partnership company, the limited partnership company, and the joint venture company. The most important thing that distinguishes these companies is that they are based on personal consideration and mutual trust between the partners. Personnel companies have common characteristics and provisions.


It is the company that is established between two or more persons for the purpose of commercial exploitation, through a specific address that includes the name of one or more of the partners, and each partner is responsible before others for the debts of the company personally in all his money and jointly with the company and other partners.

It is a hidden company that is held between two or more persons, each of whom provides a share of money or work to carry out one work or a series of works without this company acquiring the legal personality or subject to the procedures of publicity in order to share the profits or losses arising from this company.

It is the company that consists of one or more partners who are jointly and jointly liable and between one or more partners who are owners of funds in it and are outside the management and are called testators.



Money companies

They are companies based on financial consideration and in which personal consideration recedes. And the shape that these companies take

It is a company its capital is divided into shares in equal value that can be traded in the manner indicated by the law. The responsibility of the shareholder is limited to paying the value of the shares in which he subscribed, and he don't have the right to ask about the company’s debts except within the limits of the shares he subscribed in, and it takes a commercial name for it that derives from the purpose of its establishment.

It is a company which its capital consists of one or more shares owned by one or more joint partners and shares of equal value in which one or more shareholder subscribes and can be traded in the manner indicated in the law. The joint partner or partners shall be liable for the company’s obligations with unlimited liability. As for the shareholder partner, he shall not be liable except within the limits of the value of the shares he subscribed to.

It is a company in which the number of partners does not exceed fifty, and each of them is responsible only to the extent of his share. And that it is not permissible to establish it, increase its capital, or borrow for its account through public subscription, and it is not permissible for it to issue negotiable shares or bonds, and the transfer of the shares of the partners in it is subject to the recovery of the partners in accordance with the special conditions included in the partnership contract in addition to the conditions stipulated in this law, it may take a special name, and its name may be derived from its purposes, and its title may include the name of one or more partners.

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